of Dr. Steven L. Berg


I decided to create a micro-blog of my teaching and research after participating in a discussion of Melody Dworak’s “10 New Year’s Resolution for Budding Digital Humanists”  which was published on the HASTAC website.  As I begin my microblog, I am indebted to John Carter McKnight, a HASTAC scholar who blogs at Aporia, for pushing me to change the questions I had about microblogging.


For me, the microblog is a public journal in which I will record thoughts and notes on a mostly daily basis. The material is not intended to be well-developed or polished.  The material which is more polished will be published at Etena Sacca-vajjena or on the HASTAC website where I also blog.

I realize that my microblog will not attract many readers.  But it will give students and others insight into my teaching and research.  It will also give me a place to try out ideas and to save notes.  By posting entries online, it also gives me the opportunity to receive responses, encouragement, suggestions, and constructive criticism about my work in progress.  Sometimes, I will specifically ask students to respond to a posting or I might highlight a posting on my personal Facebook page or my Facebook author page.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dr. Berg, may be you should make your blogs more creative like your Ancient history blog. then alot of students would visit your blogs.

  2. Do you subscribe to any SEO bloggers? I never seem to get good info in anything which can be actioned
    Added this on my FB wall, very interesting

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