of Dr. Steven L. Berg

A False Start on Microblogging and a Polished Blog

[This entry was posted on 5 January 2012 from my January 1 notes.]

Yesterday I read and responded to Melody Dowark’s “10 New Year’s Resolutions for Budding Digital Humanists.”  While there were several good points, I was particularly taken with the idea of writing a daily microblog.

A day before Dowark published her essay, I had purchased a journal because I wanted to do more writing/reflection on a daily basis.  Because New Year’s Eve Day was a Saturday, I did my normal routine with my neighbors and did not have time to write.  But I was able to think about microblogging.  Although I wrote a response to Dowark, I was not up to actually doing my first microblog.  But what better way to start than with the beginning of the new year.

As part of my response to Dowark, I did mention that “I am not sure that I would put it into the ‘Easy-peasy’ category.”  I could not get my mind around the issues of audience and purpose for the microblog.

Instead of working on the microblog, I began to draft a blog entry on “The Problem of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day” in which I discuss how I plan to honor Dr. King on January 16 even though it is the first day my classes meet.  I finished the first paragraph and stopped writing.  I had decided that I wanted to include specifics of what I planned to do that day; specifics I don’t yet have.

Then, I wrote a New Year’s Day blog entry titled “I’m Gonna Party Like It’s 1999:  A New Year’s Reflection.”


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