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An Inauspicious Beginning

After participating in an ongoing discussion of Melody Dworak’s “10 New Year’s Resolutions for Budding Digital Humanists,” I decided to try my hand at micro-blogging on an [almost] daily basis.

My first day as a micro-blogger seemed to be a bust.  I woke up tired and decided to take a day watching mindless television, chatting with friends on-line, and staying in jammies all day.  There didn’t seem much on which to report.

Late in the evening I registered my blog.  And as I looked at the blank page feeling like a failure on day #1, I realized that  the micro-blog is not to report successes or to be brilliant.  It is not even a place to necessarily report on all of my academic activities.  Instead, it is a place for me to reflect.  And sometimes, one needs to spend a day in his jammies in order to be consistently at his best.

Post Script:

As I was posting this entry, I realized that the micro-blog would be a great place for me to record notes about things I watch or read; things that I might want to come back to at a later time.  A perfect example would be Willard Mass’ Geography of the Body (1944) which I stumbled across while mindlessly watching YouTube videos.


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