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Knowledge I Do Not Crave

A couple of Facebook friends have posted a link to Stephen D. Foster, Jr.’s “Rick Santorum Says Children With a Gay Father Would Be Better Off With a Father in Prison” which was published in Addicting Info:  The Knowledge You Crave (7 January 2012).  While it might be true that Santorum made such a comparison, no evidence for this is presented in the article.  While Santorum talks about gay fathers and fathers in prison, no where in the article as making the claim that serves as the basis for the article’s headline.

What is even more disturbing is that the hot links provided by Addicting Info are to advertisements that have nothing to do with the article–save for a shared word.  Addicting Info appears to be a tool to promote advertising; not a vehicle that provides the knowledge that I crave.

(In “The Klu Klux Klan:  A Case Study of Christianity,” I have dealt in more deal with political rhetoric that relies on “distorted truth and outright lies.”)

I finished drafting the on-line materials for early American history (HIST 151) and for composition II (ENG 102).  I also posted “C0-Teaching with Students” in the Early American History blog.


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