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Random Thoughts (19 January 2012)

I survived week one; always a particularly demanding week.  Classes look good.  After a lively second class period, I joked with the students that I had been a bit worried about them because they were so quiet the first day.  They told me that on the first day they were just down from having to end their vacations.

One of the exciting things about a student centered class is that you never know what you are going to end  up doing in class.  If we had time after the first discussion, I was going to base a discussion around The Black Button and Thoughts of a Dead Atheist.  Instead we had a truncated first discussion and watched reviews of Santa Clause and the Ice Cream Bunny and Howard the Duck followed by Lamas in Hats 2.

When I heard “Kodak Files for Chapter 11 Protection” on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, one line stuck out:  ” In recent years, Kodak failed to keep up with the digital revolution.”  My immediate thought was, “Could the same happen to faculty/education?”


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