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A Birthday Surprise

This evening Ruth organized a surprise birthday party for me at George’s Honey Tree.  About a week ago, I thought that something was up for tonight.  Then, I decided my suspicions were wrong.  When we arrived at the restaurant, I really thought it was Jack, Ruth, my father, and I having dinner–until Ruth made a right turn into the side room.  Then I suspected that something might be up.

It was a lovely evening with good food and good conversation.  But how could an evening not be lovely when shared with good friends?

The first time I went to the Honey Tree was 17 January 2009.  I remember the date because my father took me there for my birthday.  His favorite restaurant in West Branch in the Willow Tree owned by George’s nephew.  In December 2008, we were having dinner at the Willow Tree and Tony found out I lived in Farmington Hills.  He asked if I had been to his uncle’s restaurant.  I hadn’t.  A few weeks later dad and I went there for my birthday.  We have been regular customers ever since.

While working on my latest Etena Sacca-vajjena log which was inspired by Kodak’s bankruptcy, a relevant blog and comment were published in HASTAC

A former student posted a link to La Revolution Des Crabes in Facebook.  I watched the movie thinking it might be good for ENG 200.  It is.  But, as a result of the film, I found myself doing research on Pachygrapsus marmoratus.  Tangential learning at it’s best.


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