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Dumb mistakes

As I was processing LAND Conference registration forms, I was once again amazed at the errors faculty members make.  One colleague submitted his/her application with all the appropriate information checked as to type of registration and so forth.  But this person neglected to fill out the section of the application that asked for name and contact information.  Another colleague who responded to my request for clarification with “I just assumed…”  If I remember correctly, this colleague made the same mistake last year.

I am not making fun of my colleagues.  This semester, I had to submit my syllabi to the Dean’s office twice.  In order to make it easier for me to complete syllabi, I cut and pasted some information from one of syllabus from last semester into this semester’s syllabi.  Then, I only updated part of the information.  As a result, I had the same incorrect room and time for each class I teach; a room and time during which I am teaching no classes this semester.

For a variety of reasons, it is so easy to make these types of mistakes.  My contact in the Dean’s office was understanding and I hope was not lying to me when she said that my error did not cause her too much inconvenience.

When we make dumb mistakes, we need to laugh at ourselves.  And when students make dumb mistakes, we need to remember our own dumb mistakes and have a bit of compassion.


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