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Inadequacies in Faculty Evaluation

When I returned home this evening, I discovered that I had no Internet access.  Because of the weather, I had not worked on campus as late as I had planned and decided to finish several things at home.  This was impossible so I spent the evening mostly watching television.  It was not bad to have an evening off.

One work related item I was able to do was to review the requirements for my evaluation packet.  I have been working on it since the fall, but needed to check a couple of requirements.

Unfortunately, the evaluation is set up in such a way that it does not adequately measure 21st century teaching techniques that focus on student engagement and the digital humanities.  For example, it assume that the professor chooses all of the assessment tools and assignment and that he/she chooses them from the beginning of the semester.  Therefore, we are asked to provide all assignments for which students are graded; something that is impossible for me to do.

I could have put together more traditional syllabi going into this semester, but instead have continued to push the boundaries of engage.  Some of the assessments I am using for the class will be negotiated with students and I don’t even know what they are yet.

In addition to making condolence cards for Dr. Daiek.  Students also collected money for flowers.  Many more cards were made and much more money was collected than I would have thought.  It was so great watching the students work and listening to their stories about how they have benefited from various Learning Assistance Programs.


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