of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Confusing Suzie

How could a waitress mess up an order as simple as two hot dogs–one plain, one coney–and an order of fries?  But that is what happened when Jack and I were having lunch today.  We were served one order of fries and one coney.  Believing that it is inconceivable that I could not properly place a simple lunch order, it would be too easy to jump to the conclusion that this mix up was Suzie’s fault.

However, in fairness to Suzie, the confused order was not her fault.  I had given very poor directions when I ordered our lunch.  In retrospect, I know exactly how I confused her.

Sometimes, we can be so sure that directions were clearly given that we cannot come to the proper conclusion that the problem is us; that students might not be able to understand our directions because we have not been so clear.

Jack received his plain hot dog and Suzie received her well earned tip.


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