of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Faux Pas

A week ago, I mentioned to my neighbor that a gentleman friend and I had been watching Hardcore Pawn.  Today, I told her that we would likely watch it again.  Both times my neighbor had an unusual reaction that I did not understand.  Today, I explained that this show was set in Detroit and that the shop is not far from where we live.

As I was giving my explanation, the neighbor explained, “You said Hardcore PAWN–now I know what you mean.”  Initially, I was baffled by her comment and then realized that she thought I had said that my gentleman friend and I were watching Hardcore Porn.

After we stopped laughing, I considered how well my neighbor exhibited grace under pressure; something that I fear is becoming a lost art.  Ever were it true that my gentleman friend and I were watching porn together, to tell my neighbor would be terribly inappropriate.

I am glad that we have established that I do not spend my evening entertaining my guests with porn.  Yet, I am equally grateful that my neighbor did not scream or berate me; she continued to exhibit exquisite charm.

Misunderstandings can be amusing as long as we have enough charm not to jump to conclusions or to react badly.  Sometimes, an overreaction to a misunderstanding can be worse than the original faux pas.


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