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Dr. Berg vs. Steve

Today, while shopping, I “met” a former Schoolcraft College student.  I need to put met in quotation marks because the student knew who I was and I had seen him in the library.  We likely had spoken before, but we never had much interaction. Later, he commented to the person who made the introduction that I seemed very different than what he thought from seeing me at the college.  My friend commented that there is a difference between Dr. Berg and Steve.

Some people believe that there is a virtue is always being yourself.  I disagree. To me, such a stance tends to be an excuse for boorish behavior.   Instead, I agree with Miss Manners’ defense of hypocrisy. In a civilized society, we adjust our behavior to fit the situation in which we find ourselves.  I don’t advocate trying to be someone you are not.  However, I do believe that there are variations in our selves for different situations.

Dr. Berg was not shopping in Home Depot today and I did not need to take on the air of a professor when I was introduced to the former student. I was the partner of his friend and treated him as I would any other new friend.  It would have been a bit different if he were a current student.  Then, I would have been more reserved.  But today, Steve might have made a new friend.

I spent time today catching up on my notes.  I have done well with writing up my reflections, but I have not been so good at getting them out (almost) daily.  Instead, I find myself writing too much from notes.  I want to get better at writing each day.

While doing a bit of research, I came across the following quote by Miss Manners:

“If written directions alone would suffice, libraries wouldn’t need to have the rest of the universities attached.”


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