of Dr. Steven L. Berg

A Spartan Home No More

About a month ago, two students came to my home to work on their presentation for the LAND Conference.  I later learned that one of them was surprised about how Spartan my house was.  I always knew that my home was different than other people’s homes, but I had not been able to figure out exactly why.  The student’s comment gave me the perspective.

During the past couple of weeks, there has been a transformation orchestrated by Ric.  He has brought a couple of end tables into the living room and today we purchased plants.  He has also done some minor reorganization of furniture and pictures.  The next time this student sees the house, he is going to be shocked.

It is funny how sometimes it only takes slight changes to make a difference.  Although my Spartan existence is ending, it is a nice change.

Because of her toe surgery, Ruth is using a walker.  Today, Jack was so lovingly concerned about her.  It was very sweet to watch him take her arm to assist her.


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