of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Remembering *Ulysses*

Finishing my Evaluation Packet was much more work than I anticipated this week.  Monday I was working on it until almost midnight and Tuesday I worked until 11:30pm.  Wednesday and Thursday were easier.  In fact, I was able to have all of the formatting and so forth completed for the Epilogue by yesterday so that I could set it to automatically post at 12:01am today.

The evaluation was a good experience and I learned a great deal while compiling the information.  One thing that was especially insightful for me was being able to get a better sense of how I spend my day as a professor.  Until I did the evaluation blog, I only had isolated events.  I did not really appreciate how I was able to impact students’ lives because of the decisions I made concerning being accessible to them.

During the past couple of weeks with spring break and putting the final touches on the evaluation packet I have been out of my routine.  Having the two dogs and two cats move into the house on Monday has also been upsetting my patterns.  I am now terribly far behind in my reading.  I might need to catch up on the reading using the same strategy I used in graduate school when I was 800 pages behind in my reading for one course—I decided that my life would be complete if I neglected to read Ulysses.  I am not sure if my professor would have approved of my decision.  But it did take the pressure off.

It is now time to get back into a more regular routine. I am not sure what that might entail; except for walking Trudy each evening after dinner.

This evening I attended the Part Time Faculty course selection meeting.  In the history department meeting, I raised four points that I will be addressing with the department more formally in the coming weeks.

  • Core Competencies Revisions
  • Creating New Courses
  • Creating One Credit Courses (Idea from LAND Conference)
  • New Textbook Policy



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