of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Painting and Personality

Today, Ric and I began painting the dining room.  It is a lovely gold color with a butter trim.

During the past couple of weeks, Ric has been putting his own mark on the house.  However, in the process, my personality is not being lost.

As I watch the merging of personalities, I have been thinking about the one size fits all that we too often see in education; particularly as it applies to pedagogy.  Too often we want to say “Teach this way” without considering the unique traits of the teacher.  A more useful approach is to help move people along,

I have been thinking about writing an essay as to why people should not teach like me.  It is not that I do not think that I do a bad job.  Nor is it because I don’t want to see much more student engagement in classrooms.  However, I want to see faculty members incorporate new teaching ideas into the curriculum without losing themselves.

When Ric rearranged some of the artwork and incorporated some of his furniture, he made the living room look much nicer.  But, it is still very much my living room.  I am not diminished by his additions.

The dining room and seating area in the room we are painting is very much Ric’s room even though some of my artwork will be incorporated into it. He doesn’t lose himself.

In the classroom, we cannot just adopt—in full—someone else’s best practice.  We need to incorporate those practices into our courses without losing ourselves.


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