of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Global Roundtables

Last year, when Global Roundtables decided to have a guided reflection instead of student videos, I did not like the idea.  However, Marc Huston did an excellent job in guiding the discussion on ethical issues and I was sold on the new format.

Today, Dr. Huston’s guided reflection concerned how much globalization has changed in the past five years.  Again, a very good job.

One of the videos Dr. Huston showed was on the monkey business illusion; one I had used in class several times.  In it, you were to count how many times the people wearing black pass a basketball.  In the middle of the game, a gorilla walks through the center of the game.  Because it is a famous experiment, many of the students in the audience—as well as me—knew about the gorilla.  But, in this version, one of the people left the room and the color of the curtains changed color.

My job at Global Roundtables is to take photographs.  I took over 500, but have not yet gone through them.  Likely, I will pair the photographs down to about 150.


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