of Dr. Steven L. Berg


On Monday, I sent a note to to the Dean that I would be unable to attend the faculty meeting scheduled for today.  As I wrote to her:

Because next week is Middle School night and the Multicultural Fair, I don’t think I can sneak out of class tomorrow to come to the division meeting. Often, my students can work on their own, but I think this could be difficult for them tomorrow.

When I arrived at the meeting, the Dean was surprised to see me.  I just told her that the students were fin.  I waited until after the meeting to share the fact that they were out playing football.

I am sure that many would be upset at the football game.  However, as long as the students do quality work and are ready for next week, why should I care?  In fact, I think that the comradery that they develop playing will translate into better project next week.

Tonight I was the only Diamond sponsor for the Transition Center’s Spaghetti Dinner; something that really surprised me,  I had been debating between being a Gold or Diamond sponsor and am glad that I choose the higher level.  That will set a bar for next year’s donations.  Because someone came in at the higher level, it makes all levels of sponsorship more viable.

My father, Jack and Ruth, Alexa, and two students were my guests as was Ric.  This was his first appearance on campus and he looked stunning.

It was a fun evening with an enjoyable mix of people at the table.



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