of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Twenty Nine Years

I actually enjoy attending the LAND Conference Steering Committee meetings that take once a month in Lansing.  That is an especially shocking statement because I do not enjoy attending any meeting and do my best to avoid committee work.

What is so different about LAND?

  • The committee members are all dedicated individuals who make a sacrifice to take the time necessary to travel to the meeting.
  • The committee members are thoughtful people who have good discussions.
  • When there is a disagreement, we really listen to each other.
  • Information can be discussed in a reflective manner.
  • The meetings are well run and substantive work in discussed.

Because I have to drive to Lansing, the meeting really takes a full day which is quite a commitment.  But I do look forward to it.

Today marks 29 years of uninterrupted sobriety.

In a Facebook comment, Gary Segorski wrote, “The guy that used to wash your whiskey glasses congratulates you! WTG, Steve!”  At the time I sobered up, Gary and I and two other folk were living in a two bedroom apartment in East Lansing.  When people say that someone cannot get sober in a house that has alcohol in it, I know from personal experience that this is not true.  Gary kept a great deal of alcohol in the apartment and his collection of bottles did not impede my sobering up.  (Note:  Gary was a social drinker; not a college party guy.)

I was a solitary drinker.  When I stopped drinking some people were surprised because they had never seen me drink.  I remember that Gary once commented that there were always glasses of Scotch around the apartment (some empty, some part full) but he could never figure out when I was drinking.

Throughout the day, I was remembering good times we had together in the apartment and some of the friends we shared.  Such memories have  made the day even more pleasant.

I have been very moved my the comments and likes I have received throughout the day concerning sobriety.

Yesterday I received a note from the Dean because someone had complained that I am playing films too loud.  When I mentioned this to some folk today, one of my colleagues at the LAND meeting told me that someone once complained because her students would laugh too loud.

I know that there is a problem with noise going through the walls and do my best to monitor the volume level.  Except for one incident early this semester (and one for which I should have known better), I did know that there a problem because my colleague who complained to the Dean never contact me.  It would have been so much easier to catch me in the hall or office or even to drop me a note about the problem.


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