of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Post Cards and Advertisements

After finishing up my research on pharmacies and medical advertisements, today I began research Memorial Day images; specifically old post cards.  Ric and I will be having a Memorial Day barbeque and I wanted something for the invitation I am designing.

As I was doing the research, I was not surprised to find the number of post cards using images from the Civil War.  After all, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and was established to memorialize the Civil War dead.  What did surprise me was the number of post cards that used images from the Revolutionary War.  Those that harkened back to the early days mostly included images from Lady Liberty, but some used people such as General Washington–even though he had not died in battle.

I am only making an observation.  But I think further study could be interesting.

While doing the research for old advertisements, I came across the Vintage Ad Browser.  As I was looking through the advertisements, I thought that it could be interesting to assign students in Contemporary American history a decade and then ask them to analyze the advertisements in terms of what they tell us about the culture.



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