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Harry and Josephine Wilcox–and Charlie Brown

After I finished my grading today, I took a break to work on the family genealogy.  Yesterday would have been the 62nd anniversary of Harry Virgil Wilcox, Jr. and Josephine Francis Jennings.  Harry would be my first cousin twice removed.  But, more importantly, Harry and Josephine are the parents of a cousin with whom I am in contact with through Facebook.  Yesterday, she had posted a note about their anniversary.   When I checked, I saw that I had not completed profiles about them.

When I do not have a photograph of the individual, I find an image that relates to the historical period.  I also try to set their life in an historical context.  This has me doing research to find something that would be interesting and for which I can find an appropriate image.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  Also, I get side tracked and end up reading.  Today I learned a bit about London, Ontario as well as Battle Creek, Michigan.  I also did reading about the Kellogg company.

One of the things I learned today is that the first Peanuts cartoon was published on 2 October 1950, the same year that Harry and Josephine married.  The title of the comic was originally “L’le Folks” but the Syndicate changed it.  Snoopy did not make his first appearance until October 4.


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