of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Students of Quality

Today we awarded scholarships from the Dr. Steven L. Berg Fund to three students.  Each will receive $300 for the 2012 Fall semester.  If they maintain a 3.0 for fall semester they will automatically receive a $300 scholarship for the Winter 2013 semester.

All of these students have had some difficulty in school.  One had maintained a 0.0 GPA for his first two semesters in college.  Another one currently has a 1.089 overall GPA.  Because success did not come quickly to these students, there are few opportunities for them to be recognized for their success.

We have not awarded enough scholarships to be able to track success over time.  However, one of the previous recipients of a Berg scholarship produced a class video last semester that the Director of Marketing has requested he be able to use on Schoolcraft College’s website.  The recipients of the Berg scholarships are talented students who stumbled.  It is nice to recognize and to support their recovery.

Three students gave a wonderful presentation on progressivism.  Not only were they well prepared, but they dressed up for the occasion.  Although they were not required to wear anything but what they normally would to class, I could tell that they were proud of their work and that we were in for a great presentation and discussion.

I need to confess that I had seen the amount of research they had been doing in the library and had discussed some of their ideas with them.  I also knew that they had met together outside of class time to prepare the poster they intended to use.  But even without this knowledge, simply because they took the time to look professional, they signaled their confidence and raised the expectation of quality.

I often tell students “secrets” to make their papers give a favorable first impression.  I tell them that if their professor goes into a paper assuming quality that it is better for them.  I also know that if a student takes some of my suggestions to give their work a professional feel that they will spend extra time to make sure that the paper—or presentation—lives up to the expectation they have set for themselves.


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