of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Gaming the System

My neighbor and I had our traditional Saturday morning breakfast together.  While sitting in the restaurant, I could easily hear a woman discussing an article she had read in the newspaper.  According to her, the article claimed that half of the people in Detroit do not pay Detroit taxes because they use fictitious addresses outside the city.  This woman did not agree with that assessment.  According to her, the real problem is that 50% of the people in Detroit didn’t pay taxes because they were living off “our” taxes.

Our companion at the neighboring table continued with her complaints about how those (e.g. Black) people gamed the system.  They have three children with three women and then expect us to pay for them.  She had other examples which are not worth recording.

While outlining her complaints about people gaming the system, she was making sure that she had an itemized bill for the breakfast she had shared with three other persons.  But it also seemed clear that the receipt and the notes she had placed on it had been collected for tax purposes.  Her personal breakfast was going to be submitted as a business expense.  She was doing the same thing as the awful Detroiters; she was gaming the system.


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