of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Communist Cupcakes

Today, two students gave a wonderful presentation on McCarthyism.  At the end of the presentation, they passed out communist cupcakes:  red velvet cupcakes with white frosting and an icing hammer and sickle on the top.  After class, I left a cupcake for the dean with a note:  “A communist cupcake from Berg’s class presented to our comrade the dean.”

Later, I told the students what I did and they were very amused.  It was a great deal of fun.  I often use the dean as a foil for jokes.  The students can tell that I respect her and therefore like being in on the jokes.  It is also a way to humanize administrators whom students seldom see.  Furthermore, by talking about the dean as I do, it gives students insight into someone who is working to promote student success.



The Puerto Rican came to campus today to bring me my lunch.  Afterward, he went to the library where some of my students were working.  Students really enjoy talking to him which I think is a good thing.  They easily convinced him that he needed to make cookie bars for Thursday’s class.


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