of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Being a New Father

Being a new father is difficult.

On Monday, the Puerto Rican rescued a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix from an abusive situation.  He has used some of his tricks to direct her attention toward me so that I am now her papa.  I do not have much experience with dogs; especially little dogs.  And I have no experience with newly rescued dogs.  I am timid and look to the Puerto Rican for direction.

I have always felt that it is a good thing for faculty members to learn something new.  By this, I do not mean something new in our field of study in the way that I am using my research skills to learn more about the family genealogy.  What I mean is learning something new that is outside our comfort level.  For example, several years ago an accounting colleague told a group of us the trials and tribulations she experienced while learning to square dance.

Learning to do something new puts us in the position of our students.  It reminds us of the fear and anxiety and the extensive concentration it can take to accomplish a new task.  Give me a major research project and I am fine.  But give me a new Chihuahua/Rat Terrier and I am in a panic that I will do something wrong, make a fool of myself, come across as ignorant (even though that is true), and so forth.

The Puerto Rican teases me because I am so uptight and assures me that I am doing fine.  But I am grateful to have someone with his experience around to guide me.


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