of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Ready for Summer

During the past few weeks, I continued to challenge myself, read, be inspired, and so forth.  However, what I did not do was much writing.  As the semester drew to an end, I found that I preferred to spend time sitting on the patio enjoying the sun.  I had notes on which to base reflections, but I could not muster the energy to write.  At one point, I did try to catch up on my notes and found the energy to do so.  But that is not something I care to repeat now.  The world will not end if I don’t type up the notes from my daily reflections and I will not be a better person if I do.

Ironically, on the last day of the semester, I became inspired to write; to end the dry spell.  I finished a blog posting concerning the Texas Republican Party’s platform:  “Fearing Critical Thinking Skills.”  And I began what I hope will be a July 4 blog posting.  I have continued reading The Nothing That Is:  The Natural History of Zero and learned a new word:  Tondo (circular painting or sculpture such as Botticelli’s Madonna of the Pomegranate).

I am ready for a summer of research, writing, and reflection.


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