of Dr. Steven L. Berg

All Work and No Play

At the end of each semester, I usually spend one day being a total couch potato while watching bad television.  I lay on the day bed and am a mindless chump.  It is a totally renewing experience.

Because of commitments earlier in the week, I could not have such a day.  But today, I was able to spend an afternoon watching court shows.  The fact the the television is in the basement and it was 100 degrees outside added to my desire to spend the day as a lump.  Sharing it with the Puerto Rican and our dogs was an added bonus.  But my day off ritual is an important part of remaining productive.

Teaching (and learning) is very mentally demanding and we need to give ourselves so down time if we are to remain productive.  As the children’s rhyme reminds us, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Although it was a wonderful day off, I must admit that Judge Judy is becoming one of my heroes.  I love her no nonsense approach.  I might have to begin taking an afternoon break so that I can watch her.  Of course, I could always argue that I am doing a study of critical thinking skills–or lack thereof–by watching the cases that appear before her.

I did read Mark Sample’s “A Better Blogging Assignment” (Chronicle of Higher Education, 3 July 2012) this morning.  And I even read some of the comments.  But, I was not up to doing much careful reading today so I will make note of the article and return to it later.


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