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Starting from “scratch” on my revised home page has been interesting.  Instead of revising what I currently had on the web site, I have taken everything down and asked “What should be here?”  The answer is very different from the last version of the web site.  I had initially begun this revision in December 2011 but because of a demanding teaching schedule during Winter 2012 could not continue it.  Even some of the decisions I made only seven months ago are very different.

One of the issues is that a few years ago I spent a great deal of time posting some model assignments.  Because of advances in technology as well as improved skills on my part, those “best practices” are no longer best practices for me.

Currently, the web site is essentially devoid of content with the exception of images; some of which will be changed.  Also, on some of the secondary pages, I have adopted a new style which I believe will make the website more readable and accessible for students.

Continuous improvement is something that we too often talk about, but I try to take it seriously.

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