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I often talk with students about maintaining and controlling their on-line profiles.  As I was working on my web page today, this issue came into focus for me.  I had to ask, “What do I want to share about myself both professionally and personally?”

Although more details will appear throughout the site, the home page is designed to be the first view of me. Especially because I don’t want to go into a great amount of detail on the home page, the decisions are particularly important.  Doing the “Professional Background” was fairly easy, but it was a struggle to make decisions for the “Personal Background.”

I am enjoying the exercise of considering issues pertaining to my on-line persona.  I am also grateful that web pages can be revised.

After weeks of discussion of history department syllabi, I was able to draft the first revised syllabus and send it to my colleagues.  I do not anticipate any difficulties with this first complete revision.  After all, we had agreed on all of the changes (save one) that went into it.  Once that last change is approved, I will be able to quickly finish this project.

Because of time commitments, I have decided not to pursue the idea of a departmental home page at this time.  I want to be able to spend time revising my personal home page and doing some other writing before Fall semester begins.


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