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Day One for ENG 102: Food and Culture Theme

I did more film watching today.  I was also in contact with a former student who enrolled in ENG 102 to see if he had written a food related song that I might use on day one.  He didn’t, but he offered to bring his guitar.  It is an offer that I will accept.

Here is my draft for day #1 of ENG 102:

  • Show “Shift Change,” clip from Metropolis.
    • This is how some classes operate; but not this one.
  • Show How Will You Create the Universe
    • Students will have a lot of control over how they approach the class.  In order to successfully approach creating their classroom universe, I am going to ask them to begin with what interests them.  That will lead to the next step:
  • Ask students to draw what interests them
    • Crayons will be distributed and students will draw an interest.  This activity will be used as the basis for a future assignment as well as for discussion during today’s class.
  • Ask student from previous class to share his enjoyment of the guitar
    • A former student who is enrolled in ENG 102 this semester will play us a song on his guitar and will discuss his interest in music.
  • Show You Eat What You Like, I’ll Eat What I Like
    • This film will serve as a transition from our interests to our values.
  • Ask if it possible to value eating.
    • In some ways, this is a trick question which will lead to an introduction to precision in language.  It will also lead to a mini-lecture on values.
  • Discuss values and how they relate to research and writing
    • Freely Chosen
    • From Alternatives
    • Publicly Stated
    • Repeated Acted Upon
  • Show Vegetarian Zombi Musical
    • The vegetarian zombi is acting on his values
  • Discuss values in the classroom
    • What are some expectations that students would have of me based on the values I have stated?
  • Show You Are What You Eat
    • There is a need for education and research

For homework, I am going to ask students to do research on events that happened on the day of their birth (e.g. month and year).

Dim Bulbs:  You Are What You Eat [5:05]
A dim witted couple discuss where their breakfast cereal and milk originate.  Could be interesting to use to show the value of education/research.

You Eat What You Like, I’ll Eat What I Like [0:41]
Two people discuss what food they like.  The punch line is “that’s the best part.”

You Are What You Eat [1:19]
A girl helps a homeless man.  It has a surprise ending.

Food for Thought [10:49]
A meals on wheels delivery guy takes an interest in an old man who takes an interest in him.  The surprise ending is confusing and doesn’t initially seem satisfying.

Food for Thought [3:57]
A “history” of the taco.

Food for Thought [0:53]
“This short video won First Prize at the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity 2009 and the People’s Choice Award.  It was created to exemplify what educational integrity and plagiarism meant to us as students at the University of Wollongong.”

Education for All [3:01]
The film argues for changing the plight of street children.

Poverty [1:25]
The film contrasts a shopper filling her cart and a homeless person filling his cart.  It ends with two questions, “How much do you feed yourself?  How much do you need to feed yourself?”  It might be very good for HIST 137 where we are beginning the semester by discussing poverty.

An Ordinary Day  [3:31]
Reflection on life and aging and special moments.

Paper or Plastic [6:47]
“A romantic comedy short about a girl who wears a bag on her head.”

A Few Good Food Carts’ Last Daze [6:26]
“Short Film about some retiring food cart vendors. Shot at Intramuros Restaurant, S. San Francisco, CA. The last event for Outside In (Outside In X), organized by Roger Anthony – Soul Cocina, Mixterious and Abraham Esperitu – Lumpia Cart. Interviews with Jason Rotairo – Adobo Hobo and Ben Hebel – Gumbo Man.”

Vegetarian Zombie Musical  [3:06]
Quirky and fun.  A vegetarian zombie finds a mate.

Oedipus [8:33]
“The story of Oedipus, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables, in the tradition of Ben Hur. A sword and salad epic, in classic CinemaScope. Featuring a Potato, a Tomato, Broccoli, Garlic, and Billy Dee Williams as the Bartender.”

The Acceptable Sin [5:11]
This could be a good film to show to help teach critical thinking skills; especially because it claims to be “about the direct link between obesity and religion.”

Cookie Girl [11:38]
“A young woman’s door-to-door Cookie business is threatened by the arrival of the Muffin Man. Will she keep her moral high ground, or sink to his dastardly level?”

Coconut Fuel [8:14]
“In a city filled with so many vehicles, no one seems to want to repair their bikes at this mechanic’s shop. God always helps those who help themselves and the blind-followers of God suddenly show him the way out.”


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