of Dr. Steven L. Berg

More First Day of Class Notes

HIST138:  Modern World History (First Day Notes)

Homework:  Inspired by Beck’s The History of the Middle East, do research on the history of the middle east and issues of Israeli-Palestinian issues.

HIST 151:  Early American History (First Day Notes)

Homework:  Read Bellah’s “Civil Religion in America

Society in King Egbert’s Time.”  Ancestry.com.
Description of society during the time of King Egbert.  This section focuses on food.

Schoolhouse Rock:  “Tea Party; No More Kings” [3:00]
Schoolhouse Rock song about the Boston Tea Party

David Barton:  Three Fifth’s Clause was Anti-Slavery; not Pro [3:15]
The title is self explanatory.

Early  Muslim Extremism in American History [17:04]
A discussion with David Barton and Glenn Beck.  In the first two minutes, claims are made about an Obama statement.  The clip–which does not support the claim–is then shown.

Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates [9:53]

Gawalt, Gerard W.  “Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates:  An International Battle Against an Unconventional Foe.”  Library of Congress.


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