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Virtue of Inefficiency

As I was leaving class to hurry to the library, one of my students realized that this week I have been running from class to meet my second class of the day in the library, but that next week I will be meeting his class in the library and then rushing back to the Liberal Arts building for my second class.  He inquired, “Isn’t there a more efficient way to organize your schedule?”

The answer is, “Yes.”  There is a more efficient way to organize my schedule.  In fact, my initially plans put both of my morning classes in the library this week.  However, because my early American history course was having some very interesting student led discussions, I devised from my plan.  The choice, as I explained to the student, was between efficiency and quality of student learning.  For me, it is more important to be inefficient if that means a better experience for my students.


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