of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Posting Guidelines

Given the realities of my schedule, I am not going to feel obligated to post my notes on the day on which I took them.  For example, I might use Friday morning to type up blog entries based on notes from Wednesday and Thursday.  Therefore, the dates in the blog reflect the day on which the notes were taken; not necessarily on the date the blog entry was posted.

Generally, I plan to post only one entry per day.  Therefore, an entry posted in the morning might be updated throughout the day.

If I post or update a entry within 72 hour (three days) of the date of the posting, I am going to consider the information current.  If more than three days have elapsed, I will make a notation as to the actual date of posting or the date on which a post was updated.  However, any editing that changes the meaning or corrects a factual error will be noted regardless of when the change took place.


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