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I am Not a Dude

This afternoon, I had planned to teach a lesson on professionalism while communicating with others.  Less than two hours before I was to teach, I received telephone call.  When I answered the phone, the background noise was so loud that I could barely understand the person talking to me.  All I could make out was that he ended his comment by referring to me as “Dude.”

It turned out that this was not a wrong number as I initially thought.  It was an inarticulate serviceman from Bright House calling to tell me that he could not do his job at my home because there was a dog in the back yard; a thirteen year old dog crippled with arthritis who was in the yard with my partner. During two additional phone calls, the serviceman was rude and I have taken up the issue with customer service at Bright House.

At 54, I am stuffy enough that I don’t care to do business with someone who is comfortable calling me “Dude.”  Dr. Berg is nice.  Mr. Berg is acceptable in social situations.  Steve is fine among friends.  But I am not a “Dude;” especially when I am being addressed in what should have been a professional situation.

On the bright side of a less than bright exchange with someone representing Bright House, the serviceman did give me an excellent case study to use as an example during today’s class.


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