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Writing Again

We have had a busy and somewhat difficult summer.  Although I continued to work, I stopped writing in the Microblog.  Initially, I felt bad about this, but then I decided that taking some time off was acceptable.  I even set a date at which I would begin–August 24.  I choose this date because I had to be back on campus for the part time faculty selection meeting.  Even though the meeting was postponed, I started writing again.

In saying that I started writing again, I should say that I started writing the Microblog again.  During the past few weeks, I have written 40 memorable moments for Today in History.  Today’s writing involved 菊の節句 or Chrysanthemum Day and will be published on September 9.  I also did some research and began a memorable moment on drunk driving for September 10.

As I do each summer, I did take a break from Etena Sacca-vajjena.  But I will start writing again this week.

I did get my home page revised.  It gives a good basic overview of my interests and I can add information to it as I desire.

In preparation for fall semester, I did read two books on food and history as well as articles.  Tonight I watched short films trying to find something to use on the first day of my ENG 102 class.  The films might also be relevant for winter’s ENG 200 class.

Life Changing Road
One minute film showing how a minor event can have major implications.

Kitchen Loop
One minute film showing the cycle in a fast food kitchen.

Akshaya Patra
One minute film showing boy collecting food and then matching shapes.

Le Sens De La Jaune [The Meaning Of Yellow]
One minute film noir style film about a banana.  Title on YouTube is Does  Size or Taste Matter?

One Minute Fly [4:05]
Short film about a fly who needs to accomplish everything during his one minute life–including watching starts and becoming famous.  He succeeds.

The Value [2:27]
Set in India, the film shows two exchanges between a man and a poor boy selling water.  Could be useful in HIST 137 this semester when I focus on issues of poverty?

Paste of Love  [3:28]
“…a love story between a squirt of toothpaste (Frank) and an electric toothbrush (Nancy).”

How Will You Create the Universe?  [1:04]
Colorful inspirational film that poses the question in the title.

Love Recipe [5:12]
A husband and wife prepare for love.  He by baking a cake.


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