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When Class Doesn’t Go Well

Last week, as we were setting the schedule for presentations, I asked students if they would like to watch 1776.  I had shown them some clips from the movie and explained what it was about.  They agreed that it would be valuable to watch the film.

I should have been concerned that several students did not understand than Mrs. Jefferson was not really talking about Thomas’ fiddle when she sang about strings being unstrung, but I was not.

Anyway, today we began 1776.  As the film progressed, I could tell that most of my students were missing the subtle humor.  About an hour into the film, I could tell than I had lost my audience.  A little while later I paused the film and commented, “This isn’t going well is it?”  My students agreed.

What does one do when a lesson crashes and burns?  Usually, I have something in my bag of tricks that will allow me to modify a lesson or to create a new one on the spot.  But such was not the case today.  My “solution” was to wish the students a nice weekend and to end class significantly early.

The students were obviously not getting anything out of the film so I could not think of a good reason why we should finish it.  Nor am I planning to build a future lesson specifically on what they missed in the last half of the movie.

The last time I used 1776 was four years ago and students enjoyed the film.  But today it didn’t work—which does not mean that the film would not work for a future class. Classes are different and sometimes an exciting lesson does not live up to expectations.  In such a case, sometimes the only thing to do is to say, “Goodbye and have a nice weekend.”


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